Sunday, May 16, 2010

Magic Wands!

Magical Janie Falls
The day after our return from Christchurch, Kay and I were walking the path between the lodge and our cottage and an astounding event occurred. It went something like this.

While strolling between rain showers
Discussing Harry Potter's plight
Tui's song urgently told us
To be still and please take notice

He serenades us daily
Always while we walk,
But we never before had the thrill
Of beholding our favorite singer

This time Tui came swooping
Down our secluded path
He seemed on an urgent mission
We ducked our heads and laughed

After Tui had whistled past
In a mighty big hurry
We scratched our heads in query
What could be his vision-quest

As we looked up again
We discovered a double rainbow
Arching over the mountain top
Enshrouded by the mists

It seemed to make footfall
Only a hop, skip and jump away
Within the dark, entangled forest
Where nature never rests

Our host had sternly warned us
Never stray from the safe footpath
If lost the most skilled Bushmen
Will lie down and cry for mommy

We did not want to leave
Our cozy, safe footpath
In quest of the end of the rainbow
Merely for whimsies sake

Just then our Weka friend
Ran towards us with outstretched wings
He rumbled a heartfelt greeting
Weka showed us a hidden path

Beset by gorse and blackberry
We followed Weka's secret path
Around the mossy boulders
Beside rough and tumble creek

Into the beachwood forest
Through the hobbit-hole
Under the wind-felled kauri
To find a hidden cove

Encircled by giant tree ferns
Within the sun-filled clearing
A flock of fantail-birds
Flittered yon and hither

Fantail greeted us
Tail feathers boldly flashing.
And led us to the burbling brook
At the far end of the meadow

Smack under the bright rainbow
Upon a stout jade boulder
Beneath fair Janie Falls
Stood proud Pukeko-bird

Blue feathers all fluffed up
His red beak signaled greeting
Grasped in his lily-pad foot
A Silver Beach Tree branch

Stunned by these events
As if in a magical dream
My bride urged me to take
Pukeko's offering.

With the beach twig tightly clutched
To my disbelieving chest
Fantail and Weka led us
To our homeward path

Where Tui gladly greeted us
With vibrant, soulful song
And joined in joyful harmony
With Bellbird humming along

On our stroll home
My beloved and I discussed
What could all this mean
This other-worldly bequest

To our enchanted minds
All this could only mean
For me to fashion the silver frond
Into a magic wand

So I did.

That's my story
And I’m sticking to it!


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