Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beatrice the Butterfly

Beatrice the Butterfly

Beatrice the Butterfly emerged from her cocoon bent and deformed…less than perfect. Brent the Wood-Carver, who had carved her mother and spun Beatrice’s cocoon, fretted that she would never be beautiful enough to join her playmates on the carousel, so he sent her to the home for nonconformists.

Beatrice languished in the home for misfits till, one wintry day, Marcello the Artist found her. Specializing in Found Art, Marcello beseeched Brent to help him to restore Beatrice. Marcello understood that, with love and care, Beatrice could be beautiful and bring joy to children.

With lots of love and many hours of care, Beatrice became beautiful in the eyes of Brent and Marcello. But how to fulfill her destiny of bringing joy to children? Her sister, cast from the same mold, but more perfect in form, had already taken her place on the carousel.

On the first day of Spring, Brent and Marcello found a home for Beatrice. The children of Bainbridge Island promised to love and care for Beatrice as she joined her new family at the Kids’ Discovery Museum of Winslow.

And Beatrice lived happily ever after.

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