Sunday, May 16, 2010


Serendipity. I like the way it rolls from my tongue…serendipity.
I like its meaning. Serendipity enriches my life.

I watched the mom lift her child from her wheelchair and onto the carousel ride. The girl had the bright scars of recent surgery on both legs. Her forlorn expression nearly broke my heart. She leaned forward and hugged her steed.

I took it upon myself to introduce myself as the fool who had carved the Seahorse she rode upon. When her mom nodded her "OK to talk with me, the child turned a disinterested gaze towards me. When I told her that my daughter had painted her mount she lit up and wanted to know all about it. Then we chatted about the other carousel animals - she wanted to know all about the ones my daughter had painted. The carousel attendant paused the ride till we finished our chat, then started it up with a flourish as the smiling princess shouted "giddyup!"


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